Today Festivals that are dedicated to Jewish Film culture exist in any big city from Hong Kong to Tucson. Until 2015 Moscow was a home city for plenty of national film festivals but never had a Jewish one.

Moscow Jewish Film Festival has one simple but very important goal - to give Moscow audience the opportunity to meet and explore the incredible and diverse world of Jewish professional cinematography. The festival aims to chose and collect the best Russian ( разве у нас есть русские фильмы?) and Foreign films of the last years that are connected with Jewish culture and present them in one festival program.

The organizers of the Moscow Jewish Film Festival truly believe in Cinematography as a creator of dialogue between people. This phenomena is based on the combination of interest to Jewish culture and love to the art of cinematography. We claim that through demonstrating rich and thoughtful material, we give the Moscow public an opportunity to join the world discurse between Jewish Communities.